Registration Forms

Registration Forms to print, complete, and return to school (if necessary).

    1. School Supply List - Organized by grade and Encore class
    2. Physician's Statement of Physical Healh - Only for 5th-8th grade students who will participate in athletics.
    3. Kindergarten Eye Health Exam Report - The State of Wisconsin encourages parents of Kindergartners to arrange for their child’s eyes to be examined by an optometrist or evaluated by a physician by December 31 of the child’s first year in school.
    4. Dental Referral Form - Teeth are important to your child’s health, comfort, behavior, progress in school and personal appearance. In the best interest of your child’s health, we suggest that you take your child to your family dentist for an examination and the dental care that is necessary.
    5. Health Referral Form - A periodic physical health examination is important for all children and adolescents and is recommended by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). A yearly physical is required for students who participate in extracurricular athletics. The goal of a physical examination is to identify and provide follow-up on health conditions that may adversely affect a student’s health, well-being, and ability to learn. In the best interest of your child’s health, we recommend your child receive a periodic physical health examination by your private provider.
    6. Immunization Requirements - Minimum required immunizations for 4K-8th grade students.
    7. Immunization Record - State law requires all public and private school students to present written evidence of immunization against certain diseases within 30 school days of admission.
    8. Request for Medication Administration During School Hours - Form to give permission to school employees designated by school officials to give medication to your child according to specific directions.
    9. Application for Free & Reduced Price Meals (English) - 2018-19 School Year.
    10. Solicitud Gratuita precio reducido - 2018-19 Año Escolar.