School facilities should provide an environment for effective educational development.  Long-range planning to meet District facilities needs in an orderly manner is essential.  Educational and community needs shall be considered in planning school facilities. 

The District Administrator shall have primary responsibility for the development and administration of major facility construction, additions or remodeling programs.  Planning of major facility construction additions or remodeling shall involve Board, staff, and community members.

The public shall be kept informed of District facilities needs and plans.

The District shall comply with federal, state and local laws, codes and ordinances relating to design and contribution.

Legal Ref:    Wisconsin Statutes
Section 120.12 (1) Board duty; repair of school buildings)

First Reading:     April 21, 2009   
Second Reading:    May 5, 2009     
Approved:    May 5, 2009
For the Board:    Tom Steiner, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice President; Cole Marshall, Clerk; Bill Barhyte, Treasurer; Sue Giovanni, Member