It is forbidden for any student to start fires or to set off false fire alarms; to possess or detonate any kind of explosive or incendiary device, including firecrackers; or to use or possess spray devices which are intended to incapacitate (e.g., pepper spray), on school property, school buses or at any school-related event. Explosives used for a curricular purpose must be preapproved by the District Administrator or designee.

Students violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary action including immediate suspension, consideration for expulsion, and notification to legal authorities. The offender or parent/guardian will be expected to make restitution.


Legal Ref.:   Wisconsin Statutes

Section 120.13(1) [School government rules, suspension, expulsion]
Section 895.035 [Parent liability for acts of minor child}
Section 940.24 [Injury by reckless handling of explosives, fires, etc]
Section 941.26(4) [Pepper spray]
Section 941.31 [Possession of explosives]
Section 943.02 [Arson, damage to property by explosives]
Section 943.05 [Placing combustible materials near property with intent to set fire or blow up such property]

First Reading: September 15, 2009
Second Reading: October 20, 2009
Date Adopted: October 20, 2009

For the Board of Education: Tom Steiner, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice President; Cole Marshall, Clerk; Bill Barhyte, Treasurer; Sue Giovanni, Member