It is the policy and practice of the District to adhere to the requirements of all state and federal copyright laws and guidelines. The District prohibits employees and students from duplicating copyrighted materials not specifically allowed by the copyright law, fair use guidelines, licenses or contractual agreements, or other written permission.

This policy shall be presented every school year at the District's annual staff orientation. All staff members shall be informed that the violation of copyright law is a breach of District policy and is an illegal activity. Employees who violate the copyright law do so at their own risk and assume all liability for their actions. They shall also be subject to disciplinary action for willful infringement of the law or for using District equipment for duplication that is prohibited.

LEGAL REF.:     Section 943.70 Wisconsin Statutes
Title 17, U.S. Code First Reading: 8-16-05
Rule 770 (c)(1) (2)

First Reading:     April 21, 2009   
Second Reading:    May 5, 2009     
Approved:    May 5, 2009
For the Board:    Tom Steiner, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice President; Cole Marshall, Clerk; Bill Barhyte, Treasurer; Sue Giovanni, Member