Guidelines for purchasing:

  1. All purchases of goods, services and equipment for which the District will be responsible for payment must be on the official purchase order form, properly signed and executed, except as noted in item #3 below.
  2. Given equality of service, quality, delivery and price, the district shall purchase, whenever possible, from local sources of supplies and services.
  3. It is recognized that there may be occasions or situations when an employee or Board member feels it necessary to obtain items for the District. In such a case (and with prior approval from the District Administrator or designee when possible), the individual will complete a self-purchase authorization form, a request for reimbursement form with appropriate receipts attached, then present same for approval and payment in accordance with policy #673.
  4. Any item that is purchased without a purchase order, and not approved for payment on a request for reimbursement form with appropriate receipts attached, is the financial responsibility of the individual that purchased the item.
  5. The purchasing function shall be under the supervision of the District Administrator who shall execute and sign all purchase orders as may be required for the procurement of necessary budgeted supplies and services.
  6. On occasion, the District will employ competitive bidding for large ($5,000 or more) capital equipment, except for replacement equipment which is crucial to the daily operation of the school. At a minimum, this will include three (3) telephone bids or use governmental contract pricing. Bids between $2000 and $5000 need District Administrator approval. A refusal by a vendor to bid may be considered a bid.
  7. When funding does not exist for a necessary item, the District Administrator shall present same to the Board for action. If feasible, the District Administrator will recommend to the Board an alternate budgeted source of funding for the item.
  8. Alternatively, the Business Manager may sign prepared purchase orders in the absence of the District Administrator. In the absence of the District Administrator and the Business Manager, the District Clerk or Board member may sign prepared purchase orders.
  9. All items on the purchase order shall reference the appropriate budget line to identify the source of funding and account number to be charged.
  10. The District Administrator shall issue purchasing cards that may be used per the Administrator's written instructions and per Policy 673.1.

Approved: June 7, 2016
For the Board: Tom Steiner, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice President; Dean Troyer, Clerk; Eric Themanson, Treasurer; Bill Barhyte, Member