When authorized by the District Administrator/designee, students may, under adult supervision, raise funds for school-related purposes. Such fund-raising shall be conducted as specified under the regulations of the School District and shall not be conducted in any manner that would violate state or local laws.

Funds raised for the benefit of school groups, organizations, or school activities that are subsidized by District funds, shall be maintained by the District and shall be disbursed in accordance with established procedures.

The Principal or designee will be the supervisor of the student activity fund.

All advisors will be approved by the Principal

It is expected that an activity advisor will provide appropriate guidance in the raising and disbursing of student activity funds. Two signatures are required on all Student Activity Fund checks. The District Administrator, District Clerk and Treasurer will have check signing authority on the accounts of the Student Activity Funds.

All student activity fund reporting and accounting will be the responsibility of the Business Office. Each activity will have a separate account showing the beginning balance, receipts, expenditures, and ending balance from individual Funds. Any outstanding Fund balances deleted shall be placed in a General Student Activity Fund.

Student Activity Funds may be added or deleted as the needs dictate with the approval of the BOARD.

The following guidelines will apply:

  1. The Advisor will request approval for fund raising activities by completing a fundraising permission form.
  2. Fund raising activities will be approved in advance by the Principal or designee.
  3. Funds will be used to the benefit of the program. No individual will profit from a fund raising activity.
  4. All funds raised in athletics will benefit the total athletics program.
  5. Expenditures shall be approved by the Principal or designee and club advisor.
  6. Receipts are to be turned in to the building secretary with verification of the amount submitted and with signatures of the advisor and another individual.
  7. Activity funds will not be used for loans, credit and or compensation to school employees or other individuals.


First Reading: May 21, 2013
Second Reading: June 4, 2013
Approved: July 16, 2013
For the Board: Tom Steiner, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice President; Cole Marshall, Clerk; Bill Barhyte, Treasurer;Dean Troyer, Member