The District Administrator or designee shall review vouchers prior to each regular monthly Board meeting and prepare a recommendation for Board action. The Board shall provide oversight for these expenditures.

Each voucher shall have the invoices and the purchase order authorizing the commitment attached.

The invoice and purchase order shall verify that the goods have been received, the prices, extensions and totals checked, and are correct.

Expense Vouchers:

The Board recognizes that employees and Board members may on occasion incur expenses which are the obligation of the District. Such expenses shall be reported on the Expense Voucher Form.

It is assumed any employee or Board member traveling outside of the District shall request reimbursement for reasonable expenditures for meals, lodging and transportation. Receipts are required for any expenditure. Daily food expenses should generally not exceed $40.00 or include alcohol or tobacco. The District Administrator shall provide guidance on expenses for any employee traveling on behalf of the District.

All receipts shall be attached to the Expense Voucher when presented for approval.

Employee expense vouchers shall be presented to the District Administrator for approval.

The Board President or Clerk shall approve Expense Vouchers of other Board members and the District Administrator. A Board member may not approve his/her own Expense Voucher.

All invoices and vouchers shall be filed in the District office.

First Reading: May 21, 2013
Second Reading: June 4, 2013
Approved: July 16, 2013
For the Board: Tom Steiner, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice PresidentCole Marshall, Clerk;Bill Barhyte, Treasurer;Dean Troyer, Member