Teacher Assistant Tiers and Pay Scale

Tier 1- This Teacher Assistant deals with typical LD students, assists classroom teacher as needed (regular or special education). They may have clerical duties or assist with walking students from one area to another for sensory breaks or other services. This person may have Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) training, but generally never uses it.

Tier 2- This Teacher Assistant works with a student(s) who at least sometimes experience behavioral difficulties. They have CPI Training and use it periodically, but not consistently. This Teacher Assistant works 1:1 with students who may require behavioral support for behaviors that do not include aggressing toward staff. They may be asked to assist with a student who is aggressive to staff, but are not directly responsible for them on a daily basis. This person may also work with students who simply have learning differences for a portion of their work day. They may work with a student who at times requires changing due to accidents.

This would also include a Teacher Assistant who is being utilized to run small groups for the special education teacher on a daily basis.

Tier 3- This type of teacher assistant will perform at least one of the following:

1. This Teacher Assistant works 1:1 with a student who is at least periodically aggressive toward staff or has a recent history as such. This person must be trained in CPI.

2. Teacher Assistants who are responsible for: changing diapers/feminine hygiene products, feeding tubes, and catheters, giving shots, or are responsible for other medical care for a student on a daily basis. CPI training may not be required for this duty. 

Additional Pay per Tier:

Additional Tier pay rates are subject to change annually, upon Board review each May. Changes to tier pay rates will be reported to Human Resources no later than August 15th each year.
The Director of Special Education is responsible for tier assignments. Tier assignments will be made for the wellbeing of the students. If a tier assignment change is determined to be needed, at the discretion of the Special Education Director, or if a tier assignments is no longer needed, this must be reported to Human Resources within 2 working days. The affected employee may be offered an open position in the same or different tier if such position is available and in the best interests of the educational needs of the students.

Changes in pay will take effect the next pay period. Changes in tiers can occur at any time.

Additional Pay for Education:
Education Degree- $1.00

All raises after the initial adoption of the new pay scale are contingent each year on the evaluation of the employee and are at the discretion of the district. 

First Reading:  November 15, 2016
Second Reading: November 15, 2016
Date Approved:  November 15, 2016
For the Board:  Tom Steiner, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice President; Dean Troyer, Clerk; Eric Themanson, Treasurer; Bill Barhyte, Member