Each teacher will be granted one (1) day per year to attend a meeting relating to the teacher’s professional development plan under PI 34 or teacher’s professional growth plan or relating to the teacher’s particular teaching duties within the District. Additional days may be granted by the District. Teachers must submit requests in advance to the District Administrator in a timely manner for approval. If a substitute is hired, the District shall pay the substitute cost. The District will pay mileage at the IRS rate, meeting registration fees, plus up to $25 per diem, when planned and approved in advance. The teacher will receive the substitute rate of pay for the day if the meeting falls on a free day. Teachers who take a professional day shall be prepared at the next faculty meeting to share with his/her peers the benefits of the meeting attended.


The District shall reimburse non-probationary teachers for academic credits completed in their approved professional growth plan Professional Practice Goal on a prorated basis.

Teachers will be reimbursed for no more than six(6) graduate and/or undergraduate credits per year. Reimbursement for credits taken during the spring semester will be reimbursed on the July 20 payroll. Reimbursement for credits taken during the summer will be reimbursed with the September 20 payroll. Employees who have tendered a resignation from employment with the District prior to the July 20 or September 20 payroll dates are not eligible for credit reimbursement that would otherwise be paid on those dates. The Board shall pay the cost of tuition and other reasonable expenses incurred in connection with any courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, in-service training sessions or other such sessions, based on the reimbursement rate set by the Finance Committee and stated in the employee handbook. 

All courses must be approved by District Administration.