Head Coach (One season, one team) $400
Assistant Coach (One season, one team) $200
Head Coach (One season, two teams) $500
Assistant Coach (One season, two teams) $250
Head Coach (Both Seasons) $1000
Assistant Coach (Both Seasons $500

Head Coach $500
Assistant Coach $350

Boys Head Coach $500
Boys Assistant Coach $350
Girls Head Coach $500
Girls Assistant Coach $350

Boys Head Coach $700
Boys Assistant Coach $450
Girls Head Coach $700
Girls Assistant Coach $450

Boys Head Coach A Team $1400
Boys Head Coach B Team $1100
Girls Head Coach A Team $1400
Girls Head Coach B Team $1100

Art Club $500
Leadership Council (1 Person) $600
Drama Club and Performance $500 if play or musical
Archery $200
Yearbook-Journalism $500 1 teacher
Engineering Fair $500
8th Grade Trip - 2 day trip $250 (each teacher)
Team Leaders $500
Team Leaders - Middle School $1250
Mentors $1000 (per mentoring appendix)
Building Mentor $350
Sixth Grade Outdoor Education $300 (each teacher)
Honors Band $100
Chorale Fest $100
Choral Ensemble $350
National History Day $500 (each) 2 teachers
Wax Museum $500 (each) 1 teacher
Garden Club $200
Math 24 $250 1 teacher
4th/5th Grade Chorus $500

Additional Duty Pay Schedule:

1. Trevor-Wilmot Grade School teaching staff shall have first right of refusal for open extra duty positions during the one week posting period. An extra duty position is open and will be posted when the incumbent either resigns or is not continued in the position and the Board decides to fill the position.

2. Open positions for extra duty will be posted online one week prior to advertising outside the District.

3. In the event two or more teachers wish to direct the same activity, the District Administrator shall have the discretion to make a final determination on that assignment.

4. The District Administrator also has the discretion to approve coaches. The District Administrator may non-renew an additional duty assignment at his/her sole discretion.

5. In the event that more than one (1) teacher directs a club, each teacher would receive the split stipend as indicated in the extra duty salary schedule above.

6. Teachers are not required to perform these duties.


Date Approved: August 19, 2014
For the Board: Tom Steiner, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice President; Cole Marshall, Clerk; Bill Barhyte, Treasurer; Dean Troyer, Member