1. Compensation is defined as all wages and benefits bestowed to an employee by the District.
  2. Pay Raises
    1. It is the intent of the Board that pay rates shall be reasonably competitive
    2. Employees shall be paid at least the Minimum Wage.
    3. Compensation Change
      1. A compensation change, if given, is normally an annual increase in salary or hourly wage and is tied to a favorable performance review as outlined in section (3) of this policy. It may also be an increase in the value of the benefits (if provided) to an employee or a combination of both.
      2. Compensation changes due to a job reclassification of an employee will be considered and acted upon on an individual basis. The new pay rate and benefit package, in accordance with section 3.A, shall be recommended by the Administrator and the Personnel Committee for Board approval prior to implementation.
      3. Compensation change administration:
        1. The Administrator with the Personnel Committee shall recommend compensation changes to the Board. This shall be for Board review, approval, and budgeting purposes.
        2. Recommended compensation changes shall not be communicated to the employee until approved by the Board for the following school year budget.
  3. Overtime (Over 40 Hours) and Overtime Pay
    1. The Board does not encourage the use of overtime hours to complete a task. Rather, the Board encourages the employees to work with the administration to plan the work schedules to minimize the necessity for overtime.
      1. Overtime pay shall be at 1.5 the employee’s pay rate for overtime hours worked above 40 hours per calendar week.
  4. New Employees
    1. Policy 542.2, E1 through E4, becomes effective after a new hire has satisfactorily completed the probationary employment period unless otherwise authorized by the Board.
    2. All new employees are hired on a probationary basis. The probationary employment period shall be established by the administrator and/or the Personnel Committee. It shall be at least 3 months in duration, and not exceed 12 months.
    3. A specific performance review with goals and a compensation package will be established at the time of hiring by the Administrator and/or Personnel Committee.
  5. Benefits
    1. General
      1. No employee covered by this policy will be granted any benefit that is not defined in this policy
      2. No employee shall be offered a benefit inferior to what the employee is otherwise eligible to receive.
      3. Negotiated teacher benefits do not automatically accrue to the support staff.
      4. All benefit coverage will be discontinued at the end of the month following an employee’s separation from employment by the District
    2. Insurance
      1. Eligibility:
        1. Full time Employees in classification Policy 541, 1A are eligible for enrollment in the single or family health, dental, life, and LTD insurance plan at the District’s expense.
        2. Employees in classification Policy 541, 1B will be eligible to enroll in the single or family health, dental, life, and LTD insurance plan at the employee’s expense, if the insurance company permits.
        3. Employees in the Policy 541, 1C and 1D classifications are not eligible for these benefits.
      2. Employees eligible for health insurance under provision E 2 (a)(1) of this policy may elect to enroll in the District’s health insurance plan or elect to receive cash compensation In lieu of insurance. Such additional cash compensation shall not exceed a yearly total of $2,000.
    3. Annuity Plans
      1. Regular, full-time and school term employees may elect to contribute to an annuity plan through payroll deduction.
      2. This election should be made effective with the first pay period in January.
      3. Such deductions must be done in accordance with the Salary Reduction Agreement.
    4. Retirement Program
      1. A retirement program will be offered and administered according to Wisconsin statutes.
      2. The District will pay the employer portion of the retirement program and the employee will pay the employee portion for all people hired after October 1st, 2006. The employee portion will be deducted on a pre-tax basis

First Reading: January 19, 2010
Second Reading: February 16, 2010
Date Approved: February 16, 2010

For the Board: Tom Steiner, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice President; Cole Marshall, Clerk; Bill Barhyte, Treasurer; Sue Giovanni, Member