Teachers and other staff shall be assigned to positions and duties by the Board upon the recommendation of the District Administrator.

The Board reserves the right to reassign and transfer personnel to other positions as required by the District.

The Board will receive and act upon recommendations from the District Administrator for personnel reassignment and transfer in light of District needs and each individual’s qualifications for the position including certification, experience, and aptitude.

The Board will identify teaching assignments at the time contracts are offered. Such assignments may be reviewed and adjusted to meet unforeseen changes in school needs. Extracurricular needs for the school and school related activities shall be assigned by the Administration.

The Board will provide all teachers with written notification of replacement/new positions when they become available. The District shall post the vacancy on the District electronic bulletin board in a timely manner whether the vacancy occurs during the school year or during the summer.  

First Reading:  March 1, 2016
Second Reading: March 15, 2016
Date Approved:  March 15, 2016
For the Board: Tom Steiner, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice President; Cole Marshall, Clerk; Dean Troyer, Treasurer; Bill Barhyte, Member