The District promotes wellness by supporting good nutrition and regular physical activity within the total learning environment in order to improve student achievement and promote lifelong wellness behaviors through these rules.

Nutrition Guidelines: Decisions made in school programming need to reflect and encourage positive nutrition messages and healthy food choices with the objective of promoting student health and reducing childhood obesity. Guidelines for reimbursable school meals shall not be less restrictive than regulations and guidance issued by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.

Nutrition Education Goals: Implement nutrition education from 4-year –old kindergarten through eighth grade as part of a sequential, comprehensive health education curriculum designed to help students adopt healthy eating behaviors.

Physical Activity Goals: The primary goal for a school’s physical activity component is to provide opportunities for every student to develop the knowledge and skills for specific physical activities, maintain physical fitness, regularly participate in physical activity and understand the short and long term benefits of a physically active and healthy lifestyle. Students are given opportunities for physical activity during the school day through physical education classes, daily recess periods for elementary school students and the integration of physical activity into the academic curriculum. The Physical Education program will:

  • Utilize national and state standards
  • Encourage parents and guardians to support their children’s participation in physical activity, to be physically active role models and to include physical activity in family events
  • Promote on-going PE staff development
  • Students will be given opportunities for physical activity through a range of before and/or after school programs including, but not limited to, intramurals, interscholastic athletics and physical activity clubs.

Other School Based Activities: School based activities should be consistent with the district Wellness Policy to promote a school environment which provides consistent wellness messages that encourage good nutrition and regular physical activities.