The District will maintain a safe learning environment and responsible student discipline.

Students are personally responsible for their behavior. This means that they will show courtesy and respect to teachers, staff members, students and all others with whom they associate in the school. Discourtesy, disrespect, profanity, racial slurs, offensive language, and any other disruptive behavior that affects the operation of the classroom or school will not be tolerated. Such behavior will be dealt with in a manner appropriate to the seriousness of the misbehavior and as specified in other District policies and in the “Code of Conduct.”

Students who engage in conduct which endangers the property, health, or safety of others or disrupts the educational process and the classroom face disciplinary action, including possible removal from a classroom, suspension, and even expulsion. This applies to all activities on or off school property and while under or not under the supervision of a school authority. Refusal or neglect in obeying District rules may also result in disciplinary action including possible suspension or expulsion.

The District adopted “Code of Conduct” is designed to ensure that a safe and productive learning environment exists in each classroom. The “Code” stipulates acceptable standards for student behavior in the classroom along with consequences for inappropriate behavior. Copies of the “Code of Conduct” and school adopted disciplinary procedures will be distributed to all students and parent/guardians.