Reasons for Expulsion

The Board may expel a student when it is determined that the student has engaged in any of the following conduct and is satisfied that the interests of the school demands expulsion:

  1. repeatedly refused or neglected to obey rules;
  2. engaged in conduct which endangered the property, health or safety of others while at school or under the supervision of a school authority;
  3. engaged in conduct while not at school or under the supervision of a school authority which endangered the property, health or safety of others at school;
  4. knowingly conveyed or caused to be conveyed any threat or false information concerning an attempt or alleged attempt being made to destroy any school property by any means;
  5. repeatedly engaged in conduct while at school or while under the supervision of a school authority that disrupted the ability of school authorities to maintain order or an educational atmosphere at school or at an activity supervised by a school authority engaged in conduct which requires expulsion according to state and federal law.

Expulsion Hearing

Written notice of an expulsion hearing shall be sent to the student and to the student’s parent/guardian. This notice shall be sent not less than five days prior to the hearing and shall include the following information:

  1. the specific grounds for expulsion under state law and the specifics of the student’s alleged conduct upon which the expulsion proceeding is based;
  2. the time and place of the hearing;
  3. that the hearing may result in the student’s expulsion;
  4. that upon the request of the student and the student’s parent/guardian, the hearing shall be closed;
  5. that the student and the student’s parent/guardian may be represented at the hearing by counsel;
  6. that the Board shall keep a full record of the hearing including written minutes or stenographic records and, upon request, the Board shall direct that a transcript of the record be prepared and that a copy of the transcript be given to the student and the student’s parent/guardian;
  7. that if the Board orders the expulsion of the student, the District shall mail a copy of the order to the student and the student’s parent/guardian and that that the order shall specify the length of the expulsion;
  8. that the expelled student or the student’s parent/guardian may appeal the Board’s decision to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI);
  9. that if the Board’s decision is appealed to the DPI, within 60 days after the date on which the Board receives the appeal, the DPI shall review the decision and shall upon review, approve reverse or modify the decision;
  10. that the decision of the Board shall be enforced while the DPI reviews the Board’s decision;
  11. that an appeal from the decision of the DPI may be taken within 30 days to the circuit court for the county in which the school is located.