In-School Suspension

  1. In-school suspension is to be used for students when students are in violation of District policies and/or rules
  2. The principal/designee will assign students to in-school suspension
  3. The student’s parent/guardian will be informed of the in-school suspension
  4. The length of time a student will be assigned to in-school suspension for a specific offense shall be the remainder of the school day to a maximum of three days.
  5. The student will meet with the school counselor during or following in-school suspension as needed.
  6. Class work will be assigned and completed during in-school suspension in accordance with the District’s student attendance procedures. Credit will be given for work completed.

Out-of-School Suspension

  1. The school administrator may suspend a student from school for any of the following conduct infractions:
    1. Noncompliance with District policies or school rules,
    2. For knowingly conveying any threat or false information concerning an attempt or alleged attempt being made or to be made to destroy any school property by means of explosives,
    3. Conduct while at school or under the supervision of a school authority which endangers the property, health, or safety of others,
    4. Conduct while not at school or while not under the supervision of a school authority which endangers the property, health or safety of others at school or under the supervision of a school authority.
  2. Students shall be suspended from school when required by state law.
  3. A suspension shall not exceed five school days for each noncompliance of District policies or school rules or misconduct, except that a student may be suspended for not more than 15 consecutive school days pending an expulsion hearing. Students with exceptional education needs may not be suspended for more than ten days, except as otherwise specifically provided by law.
  4. Prior to suspension, a student shall be advised of the reason for the proposed suspensions. The student shall have the right to respond except in emergency situations. It is the responsibility of the Principal to determine that the student has demonstrated noncompliance with a District policy and that suspension is reasonably justified.
  5. The parent/guardian shall be given prompt notice of the suspension and the reason for the suspension.
  6. A suspended student is assigned to the custody of the student’s parent/guardian and is not allowed to be on or near school premises or attend school activities while suspended.
  7. A suspended student shall be permitted to make up examinations or other class work missed during the suspension period in accordance with the District’s student attendance procedures. Following a suspension a student will have the responsibility, within the number of days equal to the length of the suspension, to contact the teacher(s) to make arrangements to develop a teacher approved plan for making up for full credit any missed class work or examinations.
  8. Within five days following the commencement of the suspension, the suspended student and the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) may have a conference with the District Administrator. If the District Administrator determines that the suspension was inappropriate, reference to the suspension shall be erased from the student’s record. Such a determination shall be made within 15 days following the conference.