Every student who desires to participate in such programs will be in grades 5 through 8. Each student will maintain a “C” average, failing in no one subject. Students who receive a failing grade in any subject or fall below a C average will become ineligible for the next week. A review for eligibility will be made every week.

An exceptional education students’ scholastic eligibility will be determined by the special education teacher.

Disciplinary action may result in student ineligibility.

When there are an insufficient number of students available for a particular team, students from the next lower grade may be allowed to participate on that team.

Every student must have a statement of physical fitness from a physician every other year, and written permission from parents or guardians annually to play on an athletic team or be a cheerleader.


A. Insurance Benefits and Injuries

1. Insurance coverage of the student is the responsibility of the individual’s parent/guardian.

2. All injuries sustained during the course of organized competitive activity or practice shall be reported to the coach/advisor by the student,

3. The coach/advisor shall provide an accident report of any injury to the principal the next school day.

4. In the event of a serious injury, the coach will contact the parent/guardian and/or the Rescue Squad.

B. Equipment

1. Uniforms will be issued to students for all appropriate activities through the coach/advisor or athletic director.

2. Each student is responsible for the proper care and safekeeping of equipment/uniforms issued to him/her.

Lost or damaged items must be paid for by the student.

3. At the conclusion of a sport season, all equipment and uniforms must be turned in to the coach/advisor in charge.

4. All such equipment will be stored at the school from one season to the next.

C. Travel

1. When the District does not provide transportation, the student and his/her parent/guardian are responsible for providing transportation to practices and competitive activities.

2. Whenever the Board elects to provide bus transportation for a fee, it is assumed the coach/advisor and team members will use the transportation provided and receive first priority on seating.

3. Student spectators and their families may ride bus transportation provided they pay the appropriate fees, if any.

4. The coach/advisor shall chaperone when riding the bus or he/she shall designate an alternate.

5. The coach/advisor shall maintain a sign-out sheet for students securing their own transportation home.

D. Attendance

1. The student will attend all scheduled practices and competitive events, unless excused.

2. The student must contact the coach/advisor, before the fact, to obtain an excused absence,

3. The coach/advisor may excuse a student from a practice, participation in a competitive event for the remainder of the season due to illness or injury.

4. Practices

a. The coach/advisor will schedule all practices on the School Calendar.

b. There will be no Sunday practices.

c. Students who are academically ineligible may attend practices at the discretion of the coach.

E. Attitude

Students participating in competitive sports represent the school, themselves, and their families. Under no circumstances is improper conduct, bad manners, horseplay, use of foul language, or arguments with officials, coaches, team members, or spectators allowed. These actions may lead to immediate dismissal from the game, practice, and team.

F. Team Composition

1. Separate competitive league play is scheduled for both boys and girls in softball, basketball, and volleyball.

2. In the event there is a sufficient number of students to form two boys or two girls teams, they shall be designated “A” and “B” teams. To provide a maximum opportunity for participation of all students, eighth graders may participate on an “A” team only.

3. When the number of students wishing to participate in a sport exceeds the available roster spots, tryouts may be held at the coach’s discretion. The Coach/Advisor is the final authority on the team roster.

4. Awards

a. An award system is established to recognize participation and accomplishment in scholastic and athletic activities. The student should understand that awards are given in trust and may be denied in the event an individual’s conduct/behavior reflects unfavorably upon the individual and the school.

b. An award will be presented to a student for each sport/activities in which he or she participates. Additional awards may be earned in accordance with the specified criteria.

c. An eighth grade boy and girl may be selected by the coaches/advisors to receive the outstanding Athletic Achievement Award at commencement exercises.

1. Coaches/advisors will present written rosters of students who qualify for award recognition to the Principal at the end of the season/event.

2. The student must complete the season in good standing, attend all practices, and participate in all competitive events attended, unless excused.

5. Activities

The District will participate in an interscholastic athletic conference as recommended by the Athletic Committee and approved by the Board.

6. The coach/advisor, District Administrator, Principal, and interested parents of students shall present the written recommendations for changes and new activities to the Athletic Committee for review.

First Reading:  June 16, 2009
Second Reading: July 21, 2009
Date Adopted:   July 21, 2009

For the Board Tom Steiner, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice President; Cole Marshall, Clerk; Bill Barhyte, Treasurer; Sue Giovanni, Member