A. Criteria for Selection

1. Learning resources shall support and be consistent with the educational goals and strategic plan of the District.

2. Learning resources shall meet high standards of quality in factual content and presentation.

3. Learning resources shall be relevant to today's world - reflecting problems, aspirations, attitudes and ideals of a global society.

4. Learning resources shall be appropriate for the subject area and for the age, emotional development, ability level, and learning style of the students for whom the materials are selected.

5. Learning resources shall include works of artistic, historic, and literary significance.

6. Physical format and appearance of learning resources shall be suitable for their intended use.

B. Procedures of Selection and Acquisition

1. In selecting learning resources the curriculum director or designee will evaluate available resources and curriculum and will consult unbiased professionally recognized reviews and reference aids, e.g. Booklist, Wilson Catalogs, Library Journal, School Library Journal,. The actual resource will be examined whenever possible.

2. The curriculum director or designee may involve students, teachers, and the librarian/media center specialist, if possible, for recommendation of materials for purchase. Efforts shall be made to obtain non-print materials for preview by staff and library media specialists.

3. The library media center shall be given a budget for books, audiovisual materials, periodicals, technology materials, and supplies within the District budget.

4. Media equipment needs are evaluated on a continuing basis. Criteria used for replacement include: operating condition, age, repair history, continued need for the piece of equipment, teacher input on problems, replacement cost. Input from teachers is solicited on media equipment needed. Recommendations for the purchase of equipment are then made to the Administration.

5. Gift materials shall be judged by the criteria outlined and shall be accepted or rejected by those criteria.

Selection is an ongoing process that should include the removal of materials no longer appropriate and the replacement of lost and worn materials still of educational value.