The following guidelines will be used in the planning of all field trip experiences. Field trips include day trips by a specific class or group and extended trips that involve being away from school overnight. Middle school overnight class trips are classified as extended trips.

General Guidelines for all Field Trips

1. All field trips must have curricular relevance and address the learning standards and objectives specified for the class or grade.

2. The principal must be involved at the preliminary stage of planning a field trip. The staff member who initiates the field trip should informally confer with the principal as to the educational value of such trip.

3. The Request for Field Trip Approval Form must be approved by the principal before commencing any organized activities relating to the trip. No fund raising activities for an extended trip may occur before trip approval is granted.

4. The Financing for Field Trip Form must be completed including a list of costs, funding sources, and fundraising plans. This form must be reviewed by the school principal and approved prior to the initiation of any fundraising or cost assessment to students/parents.

5. A Field Trip Permission Form must be sent to parents/guardians informing them of the type, date, cost, and purpose of the field trip.

6. All field trips must have a minimum of one staff member serving as a coordinator for the field trip.

7. All students are encouraged to participate in field trips to gain the educational benefit of the trip. However, participation in school-sponsored trips shall be voluntary. Students not participating in the field trip will be responsible for attending school and completing the alternative assignments as directed by school staff.

8. Students will be allowed to attend field trips only if complete payment of fees are made by the prescribed time and only if all necessary permission and medical forms have been submitted. Unless special permission has been granted by the principal, students who do not comply with the deadlines will not be permitted to participate in the trip.

9. Written consent and agreement to all specified conditions is required from the parent/guardian of all participating students. No student will be permitted to participate in a field trip until the parent approval form is on file at the school office or until otherwise secured by school administration.

10. All school rules including discipline policies and the school dress code will be enforced on field trips.

11. Participation of students with special needs will be determined by the student's IEP or behavior plan.

12. The principal, in consultation with the teacher and the parent/guardian, may exclude a pupil from participation in a particular trip.

13. The principal, together with the teacher, is responsible to ensure that suitable supervision and safety measures are provided.

14. Supervising teachers of students participating in the activity must ensure that all participants and supervisors are adequately prepared for the activity to be undertaken.

15. The minimum adult to student standard for supervision of students on field trips is: 1:5 for 4K and 5K, 1:8 grades 1 through grade 3, and 1:10 for grades 4 through 8.

16. Field trip attendance is limited to staff, parent chaperones, and students. Unless special permission is obtained from the principal, siblings or other family members are not to accompany chaperones on any trip. All chaperones must be registered volunteers with the District.

17. The Emergency Nursing Policy will be followed on field trips in the administering of medications and the management of emergency procedures. Appropriate first aid supplies must be available along with a list of all participants, names and addresses of persons to be contacted in an emergency, and medical needs for each participant.

18. The Field Trip Checkoff List will serve as a guide to ensure that all requirements for field trips are completed.

19. Transportation will be secured as consistent with Board policy.

20. The school lunch program will be made available to all students on field trips.