In the spirit of cooperation and in order to provide quality library services, this policy serves as an agreement between the District libraries and other school district libraries. Interlibrary loan allows one library to request and borrow materials from another library for use by an individual. Although this policy is voluntary, it is based on the premise that it is in the best interest of students that the individual libraries collectively share their resources.

The purpose of utilizing interlibrary loan is to meet District information needs by obtaining access to a larger range of materials from other libraries than is presently available at the District library. Interlibrary loan should not be viewed as a substitute for collection development.

The District will lend materials to other libraries in accordance with the following criteria:

1. All types of materials, regardless of format, may be requested from the District libraries, which shall determine in each case whether the materials can be supplied.

2. District needs shall be considered the first priority. Although the requested material may currently have an “in” status, it is not mandatory that the material be provided if the librarian considers it to be an item that will be used in the near future by a District student or faculty member.

3. All materials shall be handled in compliance with current copyright guidelines.

LEGAL REF.:     Section 43.72 Wisconsin Statutes
Section 121.02(1)(h)

PI 8.01(2)(h), Wisconsin Administrative Code

First Reading:  June 16, 2009
Second Reading: July 21, 2009
Date Adopted:   July 21, 2009
For the Board Tom Steiner, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice President; Cole Marshall, Clerk; Bill Barhyte, Treasurer; Sue Giovanni, Member