It is the responsibility and aim of the District to provide a wide range of learning resources at varying levels of difficulty, with diversity of appeal, presenting different points of view, in order to meet the needs of students and staff.

A. For the purpose of this statement of policy the term "learning resources" will refer to any material with instructional content or function that is used for formal or informal teaching/learning purposes. Learning resources include but are not limited to all media and materials that support literacy.

B. The primary objective of learning resources is to support, enrich and help to implement the educational program of the school through the interaction of professional personnel and other members of the school community.

C. To achieve this objective the District, in accordance with guidelines provided by the American Library Association, defines the following responsibilities of its professional library staff:

Learning resources for the District's library/media centers will be recommended for purchase by the curriculum director or his/her designee. Although the selection process involves many members of the school community, administration, faculty, or parents/guardians, the responsibility for coordinating the selection and purchase of school learning resources rests with the curriculum director or designee. The librarian/media center specialist may be asked to prepare a list of recommended purchases.

Legal Ref.: Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning, American Library Association Information Power, American Library Association

First Reading:  June 4, 2013
Second Reading: June 18, 2013
Date Adopted:   June 18, 2013
For the Board:  Tom Steiner, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice-President; Cole Marshall, Clerk; Bill Barhyte, Treasurer; Dean Troyer, Member