The district's goal is to create a calendar that provides 191 work days for teachers and 180 days for students. The Board believes that academic learning time should be preserved to the greatest extent possible. Any days when the school is forced to close due to snow, other inclement weather, or for other emergencies shall be rescheduled at the discretion of the Board. The District shall meet or exceed the minimum number of days and direct instruction hours required by state law.

The hours and length of the school day shall be established by the Board in accordance with state law. The amount of time students spend in school shall comply with or exceed the minimum time mandated by state law and regulations.

The school's hours shall be presented and approved by the Board annually. The school calendar shall be established by the Board consistent with state law. The District Administrator may consult with staff members prior to recommending a calendar to the Board. 

Legal Ref.:   Wisconsin Statutes

Section 115.01(10) [School day definition]
Section 120.12(15) [School board duty; establish school hours/school term]
Section 120.13 [Board power to do all things reasonable for the cause of education)]
Section 121.02(1(f)1 [Minimum number of days of instruction] Wisconsin Administrative Code
PI 9.01(2(f) [Minimum number of days of instruction rules]

First Reading: March 15, 2016
Second Reading: April 5, 2016
Date Approved: April 5, 2016
For the Board: Tom Steiner, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice President; Cole Marshall, Clerk; Bill Barhyte,
Treasurer; Dean Troyer, Member