Fiction and Other Literary Forms

Title __________________________________________________________________

Author ________________________________________________________________

A. Purpose

  1. What is the purpose, theme or message of the material? How well does the Author/producer/composer accomplish this purpose? __________________________________________________________________


  1. If the story is fantasy, is it the type that has imaginative appeal and is suitable for children? ___Yes ___No; for young adults? ___Yes ___No If both are marked no, for what age group would you recommend?_______
  2. Will the reading and/or viewing and/or listening to material result in more compassionate understanding of human beings? ___Yes ___No
  3. Does it offer an opportunity to better understand and appreciate the aspirations, achievements, and problems of various minority groups? ___Yes ___No
  4. Are any questionable elements of the story an integral part of a worthwhile theme or message? ___Yes ___No

B. Content

  1. Does a story about modem times give a realistic picture of life as it is now?

___Yes ___No

  1. Does the story avoid an oversimplified view of life, one which leaves the reader with the general feeling that life is sweet and rosy or ugly and meaningless?

___Yes ___No

  1. When factual information is part of the story, is it presented accurately?

___Yes ___No

  1. Is prejudicial appeal readily identifiable by the potential reader?

___Yes ___No

  1. Are concepts presented appropriate to the ability and maturity of the potential readers? ___Yes ___No
  2. Do characters speak in a language true to the period and section of the country in which they live? ___Yes ___No
  3. Does the material offend in some special way the sensibilities of women or a minority group by the way it presents either the chief character or any of the minor characters? ___Yes ___No
  4. Is there preoccupation with sex, violence, cruelty, brutality, and aberrant behavior that would make this material inappropriate for children? ___Yes ___No ;
    for young adults? ___Yes ___No
  5. If there is use of offensive language, is it appropriate to the purpose of the text for children? ___Yes ___No; for young adults ___Yes ___No
  6. Is the material free from derisive names and epithets that would offend minority groups? ___Yes ___No; children? ___Yes ___No
  7. Is the material well written or produced? ___Yes ___No
  8. Does the story give a broader understanding of human behavior without stressing differences of class, race, color, sex education, religion or philosophy in any adverse way? ___Yes ___No
  9. Does the material make a significant contribution to the history of literature or ideas? ___Yes ___No
  10. Are the illustrations appropriate and in good taste? ___Yes ___No
  11. Are the illustrations realistic in relation to the story? ___Yes ___No
  12. Additional Comments: __________________________________________________________________


Recommendation by School Media Advisory Committee for treatment of challenged materials:______________________________________________________________


Date: _______________

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