As an aid in planning field or extra-curricular trips, the following check list is provided. The items listed are listed in the order that they should be completed in order to ensure a successful trip. It is particularly important that that the Field Trip Request Form be approved by the principal prior to any announcement of a trip or the initiation of fund raising procedures.

Request for Field Trip Form filled out

Principal approval received

Parents/guardians informed and trip permission form sent to parents

Transportation arranged – Bus forms completed and submitted two or more weeks prior to trip

Special needs teachers contacted/arrangements made for special needs students

Chaperones arranged

Fees/monies collected and turned in to bookkeeper two weeks prior to trip

Permission/release forms on file with sponsoring teacher (no student to attend without written, signed permission (Save for one year)

List of students participating and not participating submitted to office

Health and emergency information collected for each student

Medical Administration form completed for all students as needed

Cellular phone arranged

First Aid kit arranged

Class coverage arranged (if needed)

Instructional materials/activities planned for students not attending

Plans for Pre and Post Instructional Activities

Prior to Trip

Follow-up Activities

Assessment/ Student Learning Outcomes (As a result of this trip, students will:)