1. Coaches will support and adhere to all District policies and the Coach’s Handbook.

2. All students must have a statement of physical fitness from a physician every other year and written permission from parent/ guardian annually to play on an athletic team or to be a cheerleader.

3. Coaches will assume the student has provided the parent/guardian permission slip and physician statement before being permitted to participate.

4. A list of practice days, times, and games should be discussed with the Principal before the practices begin

5. A list of students participating on the team should be given to the Principal after the first day ofpractice begin.

6. Practices will be started Per Conference Rule.

7. An attendance list for practices and games will be kept by the coach and given to the Principal with the names of those who qualify for awards at the end of the season.

8. The Principal will make available a list of eligible students. The list will be updated on a weekly basis.

9. Parents will be responsible for the cleanliness of the uniforms.

10. Students will comply with WIAA Rules concerning uniforms.

11. Coaches will assure that all team members have left the school before closing the school after a practice.

12. Each coach and assistant coach will be paid at the end of the season for their particular sport. Referees and umpires will be paid by the conference unless service is provided for a one time occurrence. Payment will not be subject to withholding.

13. The coach/advisor shall chaperone when riding the bus to an event/game outside the District, or he/she shall designate an alternate.

When transporting team members in a private vehicle, state laws must be complied with. Wis. State Statute 121.52(7). At no time should students ride without a seatbelt.