In order to facilitate parents’ ability to fully participate in the IEP process, parents of students with disabilities are ordinarily permitted to audio record IEP Team meetings in accordance with the procedures set forth.

  • Parents wishing to audio record an IEP Team meeting must utilize their own recording device and provide written notice to the District prior to the date of the scheduled IEP Team meeting.
  • Parents must obtain the consent of any staff member or other participants in the IEP meeting prior to the meeting in order to record the meeting. If any member of the IEP team does not consent to an audio recording of the meeting, the parent will not be permitted to record the meeting.
  • If parent(s) elect to audio record an IEP Team meeting, the District will also record the meeting.

Video recording an IEP Team meeting is prohibited, unless only video recording the IEP meeting will effectively remove a parent(s) barrier to access the IEP process caused by a disability. A health care provider’s verification of this necessity will be required.

If the District records an IEP Team meeting, the resulting recording shall become a part of the student’s educational record and will be maintained in accordance with State and Federal law.

First Reading: December 19, 2017
Second Reading: January 16, 2018
Date Adopted: January 16, 2018

For the Board: Dean Troyer, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice President; Bill Barhyte, Clerk; Eric Themanson, Treasurer; Mike Murdock, Member