1. Finance and Budget

The Business Manager will:

A. Assist the District Administrator in preparing the annual school budget and presenting it for approval to the Trevor-Wilmot Board and public.

B. Work with the Board and appropriate committees in the development of the District budget in accordance with Board policy.

C. Assist the Board in conducting the budget hearing to inform the public of the proposed budget and to receive input.

D. Prepare the annual meeting booklet in cooperation with the District Administrator and Principal(s).

E. Recommend a tax levy to the Board that is adequate to keep the District on a sound financial basis and avoids short term borrowing.

F. Assist building principals with developing grade level budgets.

G. File all necessary reports, claims, and forms to secure all money due to the school district.

H. Fill out and file all financial reports regarding income taxes, payroll taxes and state aid to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state departments of revenue.

I. Fill out and file any financial forms required of the District regarding benefits, vendors and state agencies.

J. At the direction of the Board, borrow money on a long-term basis for any capital improvement or new buildings. A financial advisor may be employed with the consent of the Board by the Business Manager.

K. In a financial emergency, may borrow money on a short-term basis as needed to keep the District running financially until state aids and tax levy monies are received, with the consent of the Board.

L. Invest money on a regular basis, in accordance with state statute, Board policy and GAAP standards. Investments should be conducted with preservation of capital as the first priority followed by liquidity and return on investment.

M. Seek bids according to Board policy.

N. Monitor the District's property and liability insurance.

O. Monitor the Student Activity Fund.

P. Assist Maintenance Supervisor in developing the maintenance and facility budget and supervise this budget.

2. Financial Operations

The Business Manager will:

A. Operate the District's accounting system (budget and payroll) to meet DPI standards and the WUFAR and GAAP standards.

B. Assist and direct the secretary and business office clerk in the processing of invoices, purchase orders, encumbrances and all other budget information.

C. Direct the preparation and administration of all payrolls and the maintenance of personnel records including absences and overtime and the computation of salaries and the maintenance of salary reductions.

D. Make recommendations to the District Administrator in the purchase or lease of equipment to ensure quality and efficiency in the financial and administrative functions of the District.

E. Administer hospitalization insurance and other fringe benefit programs for all school district personnel

3. Food Service

The Business Manager will:

A. Use the bidding process to select food services providers or contractors in conjunction with Wilmot High School.

B. Work with maintenance supervisor to purchase equipment as needed.

C. Monitor the collection of money and the collection procedures used in the food service program. Ensure good audit trails and accountability.

D. Assist principals with all necessary publications and forms regarding eligibility for free and reduced lunches.

E. Complete and supervise the filing of monthly government claims and reports.

4. Transportation

The Business Manager will:

A. Manage budget and payment for transportation of resident students.

B. Process requests for non-resident transportation, parent contracts, and any other transportation requests.

C. Process requests for the transportation needs of students who have become homeless.

5. Personnel and Payroll

The Business Manager will:

A. Supervise and evaluate as per Board policy the Business Office Clerk.

B. Manage all 66.0301 inter-government agreements and provide the fiscal management function when TWC is the fiscal agent.

C. Serve as the Human Resource Manager

6. Other Duties and Responsibilities

The Business Manager will:

A. Attend all Board meetings and Finance Committee meetings along with the District Administrator.

B. Recommend support staff salaries or hourly rates based on individual evaluations.

C. Attend teacher negotiations along with District Administrator at the Board's discretion.

D. Recommend policies to be adopted concerning the fiscal management of the District.

E. Work with auditors to complete year-end audit.

F. Monitor all monies coming into the District and ensure good audit trails and accountability.

G. Ensure that all fixed assets are on an inventory and that a copy of important records, including fixed asset inventory, budget, payroll, student records, etc. are safeguarded and "backed up".

H. Operate and supervise assigned committees.

I. Perform other duties as assigned by the District Administrator.


Legal Ref.:  Sections 118.24 Wis. Stats.



PI3Wisconsin Administrative Code

PI8.01 (2)(a)=(q) Wisconsin Administrative Code

First Reading:      November 15, 2011
Second Reading:     December 6, 2011
Approved:           December 6, 2011
For the Board of Education: Tom Steiner, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice President; Cole Marshall, Clerk; Bill Barhyte, Treasurer; Sue Giovanni, Member