The District Administrator shall be the chief executive officer of the Board for the administration of the District. The District Administrator shall be selected and appointed by the Board. The District Administrator may delegate responsibility for the operation of the District, but shall be responsible to the Board for its operation. The duties and responsibilities (this is not intended to be an enumerated list but rather a guide) of the District Administrator shall be:

The administrator works with the school community to review data from multiple sources to establish challenging standards, monitor progress, and foster the continuous growth of all students.

1.1 To ensure that students are provided instruction, resources, and community support that enables each to develop academically and socially to their potential. To recommend for Board approval curriculum adoptions and instructional organization changes
1.2 To assume responsibility for the effective and efficient operation of the District and for the development, management, and quality of the instructional program.

The administrator promotes the success of all students by ensuring management of the organization, operations, and resources for a safe and orderly learning environment and using a variety of decision making protocols at their appropriate times to optimally balance the concerns of all District stakeholders.

2.1 To direct a public relations program designed to enlist the understanding, support and participation of the community in developing and supporting the District's educational program.
2.2 To guide and monitor the implementation of the District's Strategic Plan and to recommend the creation of a new Strategic Plan when the need arises.
2.3 To keep the Buildings and Grounds Committee continuously informed on the physical condition and needs of the school facilities and grounds. 2.4 To assume responsibility for the organization and coordination of the human and material resources of the District to develop and maintain effective schools.
2.5 To keep on file applications, credentials and professional evaluations of all employees. (2.6 To enforce all provisions of State and Federal Statutes and all rules and regulations of the Board.
2.7 To complete and file all reports which are required by law
2.8 To perform all duties as directed by the Board.

The administrator engages the educational community, faculty and staff to plan and implement professional development activities that promote both individual and organizational growth and lead to improved teaching and student learning.

3.1 To continue to acquire professional knowledge and skills for the purpose of strengthening the educational leadership of the District
3.2 To encourage and supervise a continuous program of staff development for teachers and other certified staff that is designed to improve the total instructional program3.3 To promote among the staff of the District an understanding of the policies of the District.
3.4 To ensure written evaluations of all District personnel.

The administrator engages the School Board in developing and maintaining a student-centered vision for education that is financially feasible and forms the basis for school goals and guides the preparation of students for success in high school and beyond.

4.1 To demonstrate honesty, integrity, and fairness while discharging his/her duties in an ethical manner
4.2 To keep the Board continuously appraised of the progress of the educational program within the District.
4.3 To keep the Board informed regarding District operations and matters of concern.
4.4 To submit for Board approval a recommended budget that has been prepared in consultation with the Finance Committee, and to administer the approved budget.
4.5 To recommend personnel for employment and define the duties of all personnel employed by the Board and take appropriate disciplinary action.
4.6 According to Board policy, bargaining agreements and State Statutes, recommend employees for termination from employment, subject to confirmation by the Board when necessary.
4.7 To compile and set Board agendas in cooperation with the Board President.
4.8 To attend all meetings of the Board and participate in all deliberations except when such deliberations involve his/her own employment.

First Reading: November 19, 2013
Second Reading: July 15, 2014
Approved: July 15, 2014
For the Board: Dean Troyer, Bill Barhyte, Lynn Jaeger, Cole Marshall, Tom Steiner