The District Administrator is responsible to the Board for the ethical administration of the District and, therefore, subject to evaluation by the Board for his/her decision making and operational performance in the areas of student achievement, District operations, faculty and leadership development, and school board relations.

At a minimum, the Board shall evaluate the District Administrator in writing at the end of his/her first year of employment in the District and at least every third year thereafter. The evaluation will be based on the District Administrator Job Description (Policy 231) and in addition the Board may periodically develop with the District Administrator specific performance objectives based on the needs of the District. The board shall produce a written tool to use as a guide, along with Policy 231, to evaluate the district administrator's performance.

The District Administrator's performance shall best be reviewed in accordance with the specified performance objectives in a complete written evaluation produced by the Board. Except for those periodic written evaluations required by law, not all evaluations that occur under this policy need to be reduced to a written document, provided that the Board is satisfied that a more informal process or outcome is sufficient at the time of the evaluation in question. If the Board elects not to evaluate the District Administrator within any 12-month period, the District Administrator may notify the Board President in writing and schedule an evaluation. It will be at the Board's discretion as to whether this evaluation performed at the request of the administrator is delivered in writing or verbally, however, at a minimum, a memo shall be inserted into the District Administrator's personnel file to document the date any verbal evaluation occurred.

The Board shall not release any documents relating to the evaluation of the District Administrator until the written or verbal evaluation of the District Administrator is complete.

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First Reading: November 19, 2013
Second Reading: July 15, 2014
Approved: July 15, 2014
For the Board: Dean Troyer, Bill Barhyte, Lynn Jaeger, Cole Marshall, Tom Steiner