During the normal course of school operations, the District Administration will determine that the content of activities (e.g. discussions, negotiations, and plans) must be held in confidence.

Such topics are normally covered in executive sessions of the Board per state statute. Additionally, some of the administrative staff may be part of data collection and/or maintaining records of such discussions.

The District Administrator is directed to release such information, at his/her discretion, to administrative staff members on the basis of "need-to-know" (in order to fulfill assigned tasks).

Further, the District Administrator shall maintain the confidentiality of such information and records. The District Administrator shall inform concerned staff members that premature disclosure of confidential information could result in disciplinary action.

Members of the Board must maintain confidentiality on issues discussed in executive sessions. A breach of confidentiality by a Board member may result in a vote by a majority of the other Board members to censure the offending Board member, or may result in a request for his/her resignation from the Board. Such a breach of confidentiality may result in a vote to remove the Board member from any Board officer position they hold (President, Vice-President, Clerk, Secretary).

Legal Ref.:

First Reading:  11-19-13
Second Reading: 2-18-14
Approved:       2-18-14
For the Board: Dean Troyer, Bill Barhyte, Lynn Jaeger, Cole Marshall Tom Steiner