The Board derives its authority to govern directly from the Wisconsin Constitution and state statutes. The District is classified as a common school district, grades PK – 8, and the Board shall govern it accordingly.

The organization, management and control of the School District is vested by law in the Board. The Board hereby establishes and will continue to maintain policies, amending them as needed, to guide its internal operations. The Board has the responsibility to establish general educational policy for the District. The administration and staff are responsible for executing these policies. The Board shall serve as a final authority within the School system to settle any issue which cannot be resolved through the regularly constituted administrative channels.

Those policies shall always be drafted, adopted, and amended with full consideration of the Board’s wish to provide education of the best obtainable quality for the residents of the School District.

First Reading: February 16, 2010
Second Reading: March 2, 2010
Date Approved: March 2, 2010

For the Board: Tom Steiner, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice President; Cole Marshall, Clerk; Bill Barhyte, Treasurer; Sue Giovanni, Member