Summary of Trevor-Wilmot Consolidated Board Meeting
May 5, 2015

The education meeting of the Trevor-Wilmot Consolidated Board of Education was called to order by President Tom Steiner in the Trevor-Wilmot library at 7:17 P.M. Board members present were Bill Barhyte, Lynn Jaeger, Cole Marshall, Tom Steiner and Dean Troyer. Also in attendance were Dr. George Steffen, District Administrator, Michelle Brown, District Business Manager, Ted Gavlin, Principal, Tracy Donich, Curriculum Director, Rhonda Jahns, Recording Secretary, Aiden Cooke, Paula Doty, Mary Fenske, Mike Fenske, Tina Ghislain, Mary Gibbs, Sue Pigney and Julia Rubert.

Following the Pledge to the flag, the Board approved the agenda for this meeting.

Teachers Paula Doty and Mary Gibbs shared information regarding how the Achieve 3000 program works in fourth grade. Students showed a mean growth level over 200 lexile points.

Teacher Julia Rubert shared information about student growth on informational text lexile scores. Seventh-grade student Aiden Cooke explained how the Achieve 3000 program works in his grade level.

During the Administrator's Report, Dr. Steffen reported that during the clean-up of Wilmot School following the vandalism, asbestos was found in some floor tiles and adhesive holding the tiles. This will be cleaned up by an asbestos abatement company and paid by insurance.

Dr. Steffen explained that four soil borings were done at Wilmot School to determine if leaked fuel oil from an underground tank which was removed long ago has created an environmental problem. Lab tests on ground water samples will be ready in three weeks.

During Board Member Comments and Communications, Dean Troyer thanked teachers and students for wonderful music concerts. Mr. Troyer congratulated the Wellness Committee for a very successful 5K Walk/Run on May 2nd. Tom Steiner summarized the first meeting of the Joint Review Board for the Tax Incremental Finance District. Mr. Steiner is the District representative on the Board. Cole Marshall pointed out that this was Teacher appreciation Week.

During Committee Reports, Cole Marshall summarized the Building & Grounds Committee Meeting and answered questions from Lynn Jaeger.

During the Reorganization of the School Board, Tom Steiner was re-elected President, Lynn Jaeger was re-elected Vice President, Cole Marshall was re-elected Clerk, and Dean Troyer was elected Treasurer.

The Board will continue to meet on the first and third Tuesdays of each month except July, August, September and January when they will only meet on the third Tuesday.

During Committee Assignments, Dean Troyer asked to leave the Academic Achievement Committee, but he was assigned to the Finance Committee, replacing Bill Barhyte. Mr. Barhyte was assigned to the Negotiations Committee and the Athletic Committee. Tom Steiner left the Negotiations Committee and Dean Troyer left the Athletic Committee. Cole Marshall resigned from the Personnel Committee. The new Board Committees are as follows:

Athletics: Bill Barhyte, Cole Marshall
Building & Grounds: Bill Barhyte, Cole Marshall
Finance: Lynn Jaeger, Dean Troyer
Negotiations: Bill Barhyte, Lynn Jaeger
Personnel: Lynn Jaeger, Tom Steiner
Policy: Tom Steiner, Dean Troyer
Technology: Cole Marshall, Dean Troyer
Academic Achievement: Lynn Jaeger, Tom Steiner
Special Projects: Dean Troyer

Cole Marshall was named as CESA representative and Dean Troyer will serve as delegate to the WASB Delegate Assembly.

The Board then took the following actions:

  • Approved the purchase of new gym lockers from Olympus as recommended by the Building & Grounds Committee for an amount not to exceed $19,000
  • Approved all Open Enrollment applications
  • Took no action regarding the approval of a gym lease

During Citizen Comments, Sue Pigney announced that the 5K Walk/Run sponsored by the Wellness Committee raised over $1,500 for the Sharing Center. Dr. Steffen thanked everyone on the Wellness Committee for doing a fantastic job.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:53 P.M.