Summary of Trevor-Wilmot Consolidated Board Meeting
March 3, 2015

The education meeting of the Trevor-Wilmot Consolidated Board of Education was called to order by President Tom Steiner in the library at 7:15 P.M. Board members present were Bill Barhyte, Lynn Jaeger, Cole Marshall, Tom Steiner and Dean Troyer. Also in attendance were Dr. George Steffen, District Administrator, Michelle Brown, District Business Manager, Ted Gavlin, Principal, Tracy Donich, Curriculum Director, Rhonda Jahns, Recording Secretary, Quin Andro, Mary Fenske, Mike Fenske, Tina Ghislain, Jon Kamlager, Sue Pigney, Jeff Ryczek, Dawson Schackmuth, Nicole Suchomel and Eric Themanson.

Following the Pledge to the flag, the Board voted to move consideration of revised Rule 443.1, School Dress and Grooming Guidelines to the first item of New Business.

Curriculum Director, Tracy Donich introduced the Math CIA Committee which recommended the adoption of Everyday Math Version 4 for grades 4K through 5. Sue Pigney and Nicole Suchomel explained the advantages of the Everyday Math program and described several features of the program. Students are able to do lessons directly on the iPads and online explanations for parents are available. Tracy Donich explained the Math Recovery Program for students who struggle with math. She explained the plan for High School Algebra I (for credit) to be offered in our school next year for qualified students.

During the Administrator's Report, Dr. Steffen reported the status of the request for Student Directory Information from School Choice Wisconsin. Parents have been informed that they can opt out from having their home address provided to this group. He explained how teachers and students are preparing to take the online Badger Exam in April.

During Board Member Comments and Communications, Tom Steiner thanked the staff members who interviewed the District Administrator candidates.

During Committee Reports, Tom Steiner summarized the Policy Committee Meeting held on February 27, 2015.

The Board then took the following actions:

During Citizen Comments, Eric Themanson asked about town and county requirements for the school sign. Teachers thanked the Board for allowing them to meet with the District Administrator candidates.

The Board adjourned to Executive (closed) Session at 9:02 P.M. to consider personnel matters.

The Board returned to Open Session at 10:39 P.M. and the meeting was adjourned.