Summary of Trevor-Wilmot Consolidated Board Meeting
June 2, 2015

The education meeting of the Trevor-Wilmot Consolidated Board of Education was called to order by President Tom Steiner in the Trevor-Wilmot library at 7:15 P.M. Board members present were Bill Barhyte, Lynn Jaeger, Cole Marshall, Tom Steiner and Dean Troyer. Also in attendance were Dr. George Steffen, District Administrator, Michelle Brown, District Business Manager, Ted Gavlin, Principal, Tracy Donich, Curriculum Director, Rhonda Jahns, Recording Secretary, Pat Elrod, Maintenance Director, Brian Patyk, Technology Director, Patti Elrod, Mary Fenske, Mike Fenske, Michelle Garven, Tina Ghislain, Sue Pigney, Eric Themanson and Rob Thornton from Kids Club.

Following the Pledge to the flag, a motion was adopted to move item IX-E until after Executive Session and approve the rest of the agenda as presented.

Talented and Gifted Coordinator, Pam Sorenson presented a yearly summary of programs for talented and gifted students. She explained the process by which gifted students were identified. She explained how students who were gifted in music and in leadership skills had been identified. Mrs. Sorenson explained that the District will be working to identify students who are gifted in creativity next year.

During the Administrator's Report, Maintenance Director, Pat Elrod reported on a problem with the air-conditioning system in the new addition.

During Board Member Comments and Communications, Tom Steiner reported on the retirement party which was held for Dr. Steffen the previous evening. He introduced the new District Administrator, Michelle Garven. He acknowledged that a Personnel Committee Meeting had been held on May 26th.

Rob Thornton spoke to the Board and requested a new lease for Kids Club, his before and after school daycare program which leases space from the school. The Board approved a new lease requiring $500 per month during the summer and $400 per month during the school year.

The Board then took the following actions:

  • Accepted the resignation of physical education/health teacher, David Milz, with regret
  • Accepted the resignation of part-time physical education teacher, Kym Anderson
  • Approved maternity leave for music teacher, Jennifer Bauer at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year
  • Tabled contract renewal with the realtor until after executive session
  • Approved a Special Education Services Intergovernmental Agreement with Wilmot High School
  • Approved a revision to the Technology Plan identified as Option I which called for replacing two computer labs and adding a third computer lab with laptops. The Board asked for more information regarding options 2 and 3.
  • Approved revising language in the Parent/Student Handbook so that a standards-based report card would be expanded into grades four through six
  • Awarded the contract for parking lot resealing to Asphalt Contractors

During Citizen Comments, Two parents addressed issues related to standard-based grading. A teacher asked a question regarding an item on a previous Board meeting agenda.

The Board adjourned to Executive (closed) session at 8:48 P.M. to consider personnel matters, to deliberate the purchase of public properties, and to consider disciplinary data of specific persons.

The Board returned to Open Session at 11:00 P.M. and approved a contract with the Technology Director. The Board took no action regarding aide supervision stipends or the contract with the realtor.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:02 P.M.