Administrators' Reports

  • Everyday Math Training - Teachers in Grades K-5th grade participated in 2 days of professional development last week on the updated common core aligned Everyday Math. The first day was facilitated by an EM trainer while the second day was set aside for teachers to work together on the implementation of the new program.
  • New Hires -The candidate pool was strong when hiring for our three openings. The candidates participated in a rigorous process including showcasing their teaching skills with actual students. We are excited to have Joseph Spierenburg (PE), Laura Stefancin (PE) and Melissa Cramer (1st grade) join our team.
  • Building Projects - Several projects are currently in the works including the school sign, walking path, roof and student lockers. Most projects will be completed before the students return to school.

Board Member Comments
Board members would like further discussion and/or investigation into the following:

  • a new compensation model based on the River Falls framework that was presented at a WASB conference
  • a new evaluation model recommended by WASB for the district administrator with quarterly reviews
  • the requirements around PI-26 regarding college and career readiness
  • the purchase of a district vehicle for projects, material transfers, and student transportation

Board Action
The Board approved the following recommendations:

  • to set up a Fund 46, (capital improvement trust fund - presentation at last board meeting). A bank account will be established immediately pending further planning in the Finance Committee
  • to continue the joint contract with Wilmot Union School for Food Services
  • to approve Support Staff salaries for 2015-2016
  • to approve the teacher contract
  • to approve the Return to Work Policy 722.3
  • to approve the revised Recruitment, Selection, and Hiring Policy 533