BOARD BRIEF – June 7, 2016

District Administrators' Report

Ted Gavlin, Principal reported on the following:

  • Robotics Club Presentation –
    • Mrs. Pam Lee explained that Trevor-Wilmot School was notified through UW Extension back in December of 2014 it was receiving a grant through the Kloss Foundation to start a Robotics Club.
    • Mikaela S., demonstrated the alligator she had made. Ray D. and Camden D. showed off their spinning top and Ernie D. and Anthony F. demonstrated their robot called Walker 4.0.

Tracy Donich, Director of Curriculum & Instruction reported on the following:

  • Talented and/or Gifted Programming - two to three percent of students are pulled out of class or work in small groups, the program has started Honors Math in sixth and seventh grades.
  • End of Year Academic Achievement Report – Trevor-Wilmot students have progressed above the National Norm Growth in most grade levels for reading and math.

Michelle Garven, District Administrator reported on the following:

  • Wanted to acknowledge the teaching staff in meeting their SLO goals. It is incredible and outstanding what our District has accomplished.
  • Trevor-Wilmot has hired a new Band/Music teacher and also a new Art teacher.

Board Member Comments

Dean Troyer mentioned that he and Eric Themanson chaperoned a first grade filed trip to the zoo.

New Business

  • Reviewed Policy 541 Support Staff Positions (1st Reading) and approved a change to Rule 672 Purchasing
  • Approved withdrawal from the Local Government Property Insurance Fund
  • Approved CHUBB as the property insurance carrier for the district