District Administrators’ Reports

Michelle Garven, District Administrator reported on the following:

  • Michelle Garven stated that Bill N=Barhyte and Lynn Jaeger’s terms will be up next Spring. Asked if they wanted to write a blurb about the upcoming election
  • Changes to the Wilmot High School Calendar for the 2018-19 school year
  • Tracy Donich discussed how Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System supports professional growth and development of educators
  • Jenny Loveless explained the process of ICSequity
  • Jenny Loveless told the Board about the different things that Wolf Pups are doing
  • Dean Troyer explained what was discussed at the Policy Meeting

Board Member Comments

Dean Troyer mentioned he attended the WASB Conference, and when District Administrator and Teachers meet it is an open meeting.

New Business

  • Tracy Donich explained which section was removed from Rule 537. A motion was made by Michael Murdock, and seconded by Lynn Jaeger to approve changes to Rule 537. Board approved changes to Rule 537
  • Ted Gavlin explained that there were no disruptions in classes due to unnatural hair color, so that was removed from Rule 443.1. A motion was made by Michael Murdock, and seconded by Bill Barhyte to approve the changes to Rule 443.1. The Board approved the change to Rule 443.1
  • Policy 542.4, Support staff Holidays and vacations. This was the first reading
  • Policy 545.3, Support staff leave and absences. This was the first meeting
  • The November 21, 2017 Board Meeting was canceled due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.