District Administrators’ Reports

Michelle Garven, District Administrator reported on the following:

  • Leadership team continues to work on the building calendar with various groups. An initial draft and the HS calendar were shared.
  • A joint summer school program will again be offered with Randall, Silver Lake and Twin Lakes to be held at Wilmot High School.

Board Member Comments

  • Bill Barhyte and Lynn Jaeger stated they would be attending the WASB Convention January 19th.
  • Dean Troyer stated that Bill would be getting an award from WASB for 20 years of service.

New Business

  • Calendar - No Action was taken. The Board discussed adding December 22nd back in as a school day.
  • Open Enrollment Recommendations from Principal Ted Gavlin were Approved.
  • Joint Summer School - No Action was taken. The Board discussed the joint summer school proposal for grades fifth through eighth.