BOARD BRIEF – November 15, 2016

District Administrators’ Reports

Michelle Garven, District Administrator reported on the following:

  • Wilmot School Property
    • Metco Environmental has notified the district that the current property owner Bob Wincek has refused to sign off on the Closure Report and Cap Maintenance Plan that the DNR is requiring to close the Environmental Contamination Case from 2015. Metco suspects the DNR will ultimately hold the current property owner responsible moving forward.
    • Spring 2015 Property Damage: Maria and Sandy at the DA’s office report that there is currently no record of the Wilmot property damage there. They both suggested contacting the sheriff’s office again. A letter from our attorneys to the DA’s attention might be in order at this point.
  • Congratulated Michelle Brown, who recently completed and passed the two exams needed to receive certification from ASBO International as a Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations (SFO). There are approximately 17 Business Managers in Wisconsin who have currently earned this prestigious National certification.
  • Gator Repair/Purchase Proposal will be sent back to the Building and Grounds Committee for further discussion at this time
  • ALICE training: Since school districts not only educate students but also are a workplace for many people, a business perspective of the ALICE program follows:
    • Over the past few years, deadly active shooter incidents have become a prevalent concern to employers and employees across the nation in wake of the frightening realization that workplace violence can happen anywhere, to anyone, and at anytime.
    • According to the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, a study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), from 2006 to 2010, an average of 551 workers per year were killed as a result of work-related homicides. While workplace homicides have gradually decreased, nearly a 51% reduction from 1993-2009, 397 fatal workplace homicides occurred in the United States during 2013. Workplace violence not only results in the tragic loss of innocent life, but significantly impacts the livelihood of those who survive an incident.
    • The Federal Bureau of Investigation estimated that non-fatal workplace violence in 2011 cost the American workforce approximately $36 billion per year.
    • The integration of workplace violence prevention and preparedness has never been more imperative. Awareness of workplace violence and active shooter situations has increased, as has the implementation of workplace violence prevention programs within the public and private sector, due to the growing media coverage of these tragic incidents. With the mission of improving your chances of survival, ALICE provides staff with the knowledge and training to prepare for the uncertain; effectively respond to threats; and protect the lives of those in the workplace. For more information check out the ALICE website. (Adapted from ALICE website)

Board Member Comments

  • Dean Troyer and Eric Themanson mentioned that the pancake breakfast and craft fair were a huge success. Ted Gavlin mentioned it brought in around $3,500.
  • Tom Steiner discussed a Legislative Conference he had attended over the past weekend.

Committee Reports

  • No Committee Reports at this meeting

Unfinished Business

  • Action Items Approved
    • Proposal to purchase a new radio system from Baycom at the cost of $12,481.00

New Business

  • Action Items Approved
    • Rule 522.8 Employee Dress and Grooming - revision in the third paragragh stating “special attire and footwear”
    • Rule 542.2 Support Staff Salaries & Fringe Benefits - revision in the second to last paragraph stating “Human Resources within 2 working days”

Citizens Comments

  • Mary Fenske mentioned the Halloween party was nice.
  • Ted Gavlin thanked Bill Barhyte and the fire department for the donations to the Halloween party and the Pancake Breakfast.