BOARD BRIEF – October 4, 2016

District Administrators’ Reports

Tracy Donich, Director of Curriculum & Instruction reported on the following:

  • Explained that the Achievement Gap Reduction Grant replaces SAGE. Students are receiving more instructional coaching and one on one tutoring. This year a Paraprofessional was hired for grades K-4 to give one on one support w/guidance of the teachers.
  • Stated she is working with teachers to develop better Professional Plans by having teachers attend workshops, use e-learning and book clubs.

Michelle Garven, District Administrator reported on the following:

  • The district made the transition from the Baird forecasting model to the Forecast5 Analytics model this year. By focusing the power of multi-dimensional data processing on the most pressing issues in our district, Forecast5 can help find new resources, increase operational efficiency, and strengthen decision processes with analytics. The district will use the applications strategically for: Data discovery and performance assessment, Benchmarking, Long term planning and strategic governance, Completing time intensive tasks, Managing resources optimally, and Engaging and communicating with stakeholders. Michelle Brown will be working with the Board through committees to introduce this powerful tool throughout the school year.
  • Not just Academics...Social and Emotional Intelligence (SEL) refers to the ways in which children develop healthy mental outlooks, appropriate responses to their own and others’ feelings, and positive and respectful attachments. Decades of research argue that students need a balance of academic and social/emotional competencies for success in college, career and life. Policymakers and school personnel are currently debating the best tools and resources to accomplish this task. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which requires multiple measures for accountability, includes at least one “non academic” indicator/SEL measure, such as student engagement. (adapted from ASCD)

Board Member Comments

  • WASB Policy Resolution Committee Meeting - Tom Steiner discussed the Resolutions that passed, those that did not and those that will be looked at again on November 11, 2016.
  • Eric Themanson mentioned he met with Michelle Garven and Michelle Brown, and Baird on September 29, 2016 to discuss cash flow issues.

Committee Reports

  • Building and Grounds - October 4, 2016 - Dean Troyer mentioned the Committee had approved blinds for classrooms. He said the Fire Department stated the curtain in gymnasium 118 needs to be fire proof. Work will be done on fifth grade lockers over Winter Break. Snow plow bids should state to plow after 1 inch of snow instead of 2 inches this year.

Unfinished Business

  • A motion was made to approve the Finance Committee’s recommendation to make a market adjustment of 2% to bring teachers up to competitive wages.