BOARD BRIEF – September 20, 2016

District Administrators’ Report

Michelle Garven, District Administrator reported on the following:

  • Shared highlights from the WASDA State Superintendent Meeting in her written report.
  • Informed the board that Brian Patyk needed to update their iPads prior to next Friday’s training.

Board Member Comments

  • Dean Troyer passed on condolences to Bill Barhyte on the loss of his mother.
  • Tom Steiner gave condolences to the Fenske’s on the loss of Mike’s father.
  • Lynn Jaeger stated the Board should present ideas on items they would like changed, such as Educator Effectiveness and school start date flexibility to the State Representative.
  • Tom Steiner asked the Board who would be going to the Regional Meeting on October 5, 2016. All members will attend.

Committee Reports

  • Finance Committee – Met on September 20, 2016. Lynn Jaeger stated the Budget was reviewed and the Committee discussed the plan going forward.
  • Strategic Planning Blueprint Subcommittee – Met on September 20, 2016. Eric Themanson mentioned the Sub-Committee reviewed the draft of the Compensation Plan and discussed questions that were brought up in the meeting.

Unfinished Business

  • Building Systems Analysis Update – Michelle Garven stated a Representative from CESA 10 is currently being considered to help address concerns with the systems within the building.

New Business

  • S&P 5C – Michelle Garven shared the master document “Systems and Priorities 2016-2017”. At each board meeting, members of the Leadership Team will be providing the board and community reports and updates tied to this strategic planning document in hopes of improving communication across the learning community.
  • S&P 6A - Jenny Loveless gave a presentation describing her Vision and Mission Statements for the Special Education Department over the next 5 years.
  • S&P 5A- Compensation – Michelle Garven discussed the Compensation and Recognition Plan the Committee has put together.