Help Wanted

 by Tom Steiner

   As our schedules fill up, as they always do during the school year, I am giving you notice of the upcoming school board elections. Next April, our District could possibly have two new faces. Long time Board members, Bill Barhyte and I, will be up for election. We are deciding whether or not to run again. Now is the time for community residents to determine if they wish to step up to the plate in December, to fill out the required paperwork to be placed on the ballot to run for the school board in April. If you are a civic-minded individual, interested in a position long on responsibility and short on pay and benefits, and if you are determined to provide the children of this District with the tools they will need to be productive citizens, this is the job for you.
     Good sound judgment is the main commodity needed for this job. If you have an open mind, thick skin and experience in business management, technology, human resources, general contracting, contract law or any other field you feel is relevant, please consider running for the school board. Our board meetings are the third Tuesday of the month and we have an additional meeting on the first Tuesday of the month during the school year. There are also committee meetings from time to time. Most importantly, you should be committed to making sure the children of this District receive a high quality education in the most efficient way possible. Feel free to contact the school or your favorite school board member if you have any questions. We need your help. Thank you.

Beatitudes of a Leader

BLESSED is the leader who has not sought the high
places, but who has been drafted into service because of
his ability and willingness to serve.

BLESSED is the leader who knows where he is going,
why he is going, and how to get there.

BLESSED is the leader who knows no discourage-
ment, who presents no alibi.

BLESSED is the leader who knows how to lead with-
out being dictatorial; true leaders are humble.

BLESSED is the leader who seeks for the best for those
he serves.

BLESSED is the leader who leads for the good of the
most concerned, and not for the personal gratification of
his own ideas.

BLESSED is the leader who develops leaders while

BLESSED is the leader who marches with the group,
interprets correctly the signs on the pathway that leads to

BLESSED is the leader who has his head in the clouds
but his feet on the ground.

BLESSED is the leader who considers leadership an
opportunity for service.