Why Open Enroll in Trevor-Wilmot?

Why Trevor-Wilmot?

We respectfully ask you to consider enrolling your child in Trevor-Wilmot School.

Small Class Sizes

Research has shown that it is the youngest children who benefit most from smaller classes and more individual teacher attention. Current kindergarten class sizes average 17 students, first grade averages 17, and second grade averages 18. Could your child benefit?

High Tech Facility

ipadsEvery 2nd through 8th grade student has a school-issued iPad to use for academic work. While younger students access iPad tablets in their classrooms, fifth through eighth grade students are able to take theirs home. Technology is integrated into every classroom and throughout the curriculum. Could your child’s learning be enhanced by educational technology?

Challenging Academic Curriculum

pltwThe English-Language Arts program utilizes the reading and writing workshop model. All ELA teachers receive ongoing professional development in the workshop model. The math program is current with Everyday Math 4 in grades K-5 and Carnegie Math in grades 6-8. Computer-aided design (CAD) and forensic studies are included in the challenging middle school science program through Project Lead the Way. Younger students learn from hands-on experiences offered by the FOSS Science Program. Advanced math students can take algebra and geometry classes at Wilmot High School. The Board of Education recently doubled the District’s commitment to gifted and talented students. History comes alive in many ways at Trevor-Wilmot. Seventh-graders conduct research and participate in a historical wax museum along with eighth-graders who compete in National History Day. Many of these students qualify to present their projects at the regional contest and a number move on to state competition. Our students prefer to be participants in a “living history” lesson because they learn and remember so much more. Trevor-Wilmot offers eighth graders Algebra 1 and Spanish 1 for high school credit through Wilmot Union High School. Could your child benefit from more of a challenge?

Increasing Student Achievement

testscoreaverage1Student acheivement has been steadily increasing over the years. Using statewideperformance1targeted instruction, classroom interventions, achievement data analysis, and group decision making, our school has made significant progress in reading, math, and other core academic areas. As a result, Trevor-Wilmot has steadily increased its rank among Wisconsin schools as determined by performance factors. 

Outstanding Faculty

The school received an “Exceeds Expectations” rating from the State of Wisconsin. Many teachers who live outside the District open enroll their children into Trevor-Wilmot School. Could they know something that you don’t? 

Support of the Arts & Phy. Ed.

potteryWhile many districts have been cutting back or eliminating fine arts classes, Trevor-Wilmot has built modern facilities to support and enhance the arts. Through participation in music, band, and chorus, students have the opportunity to express themselves through song, dance and instrumental performances that are shared with the community, family, and friends. Art skills are developed by providing students with experiences using a variety of media and techniques. Fifth through eighth grade students have daily physical education throughout the school year and younger students average twice per week. Outstanding gym facilities with ample resources and equipment make Trevor-Wilmot one of the best physical education environments in the county. Could your child’s creative and athletic abilities be better developed?music

Need Day Care?

Before and after school daycare is provided by a private company, Kids’ Club, in the school building. Students in the morning four-year-old kindergarten can have a “wrap-around” program in which they stay for lunch and the rest of the day in Kids’ Club. More information is available at www.choochoochildcare.com. Could your child benefit from quality childcare right in the school?

After School Athletics, Clubs, and Activities

Trevor-Wilmot offers a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities for students of all ages. Competitive sports are available for boys and girls in grades 5-8. Other activities include Art Club (Gr. 3-8), Band (Gr. 4-8), Choir (Gr. 4-8), Jazz Band (Gr. 5-8), Ski Club (Gr. 1-8), Video Club (Gr. 6-8), Robotics (Gr. 2-8), Minecraft Club (Gr. 2nd-4th), Warhammer Club (Gr. 5-8), Garden Club (Gr. 5-8), Yearbook Club (Gr. 5-8), and Book Club (Gr. 6-8). Other opportunities such as drama, engineering, and chess are also available through an after school program provided by an outside organization.

If you answered “Yes” to several of the preceding questions, your child is a good candidate for Trevor-Wilmot School. What to Do Next? Apply for Open Enrollment at http://oe.dpi.wi.gov and choose Trevor-Wilmot as your school of choice. If you would like more information about Trevor-Wilmot School or open enrollment, please feel free to contact District Administrator, Michelle Garven or Principal Ted Gavlin at 262-862-2356. School tours may be arranged on request.  We are confident that you will find Trevor-Wilmot School to be a great choice for your child.