Trevor-Wilmot History

The Beginning...

old tgs1The first single room school house, built in 1848, was a small wooden building that was located on the George Patrick property directly across from the present school area. The name of the school was "Trevor State Graded School," and the school district was known as "Salem District No. 7." In 1910, the second wooden building was built on a piece of property that was donated by William Mecklenberg. The original building was moved a half mile north and was used for a chicken house.

The 1910 building consisted of two classrooms which had a big bell on the roof that was used every day to call the students in for attendance and instruction.

It also had a basement with a boiler type furnace that supplied steam heat. The school had one teacher. Only one classroom was used until the year 1926 when the enrollment grew to 48 first through eighth graders. There wasn't a gymnasium or stage for school programs. The owner of the Trevor Social Center building, which was moved to Trevor in 1922, bought six large tables that were put together and used as a stage.

 Since the enrollment was up to 48, the parents of the district wanted the School Board to hire a second teacher. The three Board members had their meetings at the Trevor Store around a pot-belly stove. The Trevor Store building is still standing and has been converted to apartments.

Former Teacher

The Board's answer to the people's request for a second teacher was "they couldn't find a teacher." Andrew K. Mark went door to door for signatures to ask the Board to hire a teacher. A two year teacher's college was in Union Grove, Wisconsin. The daughter of a nearby family was graduating that year. She attended the School Board meeting with her application. After that, there were two teachers in the building.

Mid-20th Century...

Old Trevor 3In the late 1940's, the enrollment dropped to 13 students in the school, so only one room was used again. One reason for the drop in enrollment was that parochial schools teaching all eight grades started to be built. Subdivisions also started to be built in the Trevor area.

In 1952, two rooms were added to the North end of the 1910 building. A new heating system, boys and girls restrooms, and a full basement were added. The basement was also used for a kitchen, cafeteria, storage room, and a small performance area. There were two grades per room and four teachers. Hot lunches started to be served in 1953. This addition is still in use today.

By 1962, the enrollment jumped to 185 students. In 1963, the 1910 wooden building was torn down and six classrooms, a gymnasium with a stage, three office spaces, and ground floor boys and girls restrooms were added. This addition cost $185,000.

Late 20th Century...

In 1973, Kindergarten was offered for the first time. Mrs. Marescale set up our Kindergarten on the small stage in the basement. A wooden railing was installed across the front of the stage. In 1978, the school district purchased a single classroom from Wilmot Grade School, moved it to Trevor, and attached it to the West end of the classrooms. Kindergarten was then moved to this single classroom, and was used until the last addition in 1993. The school library was then set up on the stage. The student enrollment was about 120 students and stayed at that level for many year.


In 1989, two rooms were added to the front end of the building. They were used for administration offices and Special Education classrooms.

The official name of the school district was changed to "Trevor Grade School District" and the school name was changed to "Trevor Grade School" in 1999. The board room was divided up into three very needed offices. A five classroom addition that was started in May 2000 was finished later that summer in September. Two of the new classrooms share a movable wall that when folded creates a large open space. Several large subdivisions started to be developed in 2002 and the student population began to grow once again. The current enrollment is approximately 360 students in grades three through eighth grade.


In the spring of 2005, the Trevor school board began consolidation discussions with the neighboring Wilmot Grade School District. Both school boards then passed a resolution that called for a referendum to be placed on the November 2005 ballot to ask the community if they favored consolidation. Over 70% of the voters in Trevor and over 70% of the voters in Wilmot voted for the consolidation. The final Trevor total showed 194 "Yes" votes and 78 "No" ballots and Wilmot results were 148 "Yes" and 51 "No." Wisconsin's newest school district, the Trevor-Wilmot Consolidated School District was created on July 1, 2006.

FrontTWSAfter the consolidation in November 2009, the taxpayers approved a $12 million referendum to construct an addition to Trevor Grade School which will enable all the District’s students to be housed on the Trevor site. State Superintendent Tony Evers even called to commend the District for passage of the referendum in a tough economic time. He felt this reflected well on our residents and their commitment to the children. The 65,000 square foot addition will house the primary students, a new gym, computer lab, library, art rooms, and office space.

Contruction of the new addtion began in August 2010 and was completed in August 2011. The school was once again renamed and became Trevor-Wilmot School. The new school was opened on Friday, August 26, 2011 at 5:45 pm with a dedication ceremony and tours of the new school.


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