Meals Program

Our school offers an excellent, nutritious daily breakfast and hot lunch for all students. Our program is computerized, with each family having its own account. Check your family balance by using the Family Access site. Every student will receive his/her own ID card which may be used to purchase lunch and/or milk. The first ID card issued will be free. There will be a $1.00 fee for replacement of lost or destroyed cards. Families are to deposit enough money into their account to cover the cost of meals for their children. This is a pre-paid account and NOT a charge account. The account is reduced each time a hot lunch or a carton of milk is purchased. Financial statements will be sent out from the District office each month.

Normal Price
Reduced Price

Some children may qualify for free or reduced meals. Qualification is based upon total income and the number of persons in the household. You are encouraged to fill out a form at the registration fair and/or any time your financial status changes during the school year. Forms are always available in the office. All information is kept strictly confidential. Contact the school principal at any time if you have questions about eligibility requirements.

It is the responsibility of parents to provide their children with food. Per School Board policy, the number of unpaid meals per student cannot exceed five. Students will not be allowed to charge a meal to the family account if the unpaid balance exceeds the cost of five lunches. Parents will be notified in the event of such an occurrence. Students in this situation can purchase a meal by presenting the full amount of the meal in cash. Students who qualify for reduced price meals and whose balance exceeds the cost of five lunches can purchase a meal by presenting the cost of a reduced price meal in cash. This policy does not affect students whose families qualify for free meals.