Because It's an Excellent School!

TWC statescore2017Excellent facilities and an excellent staff make for an excellent school! 

Download the school report card here!

Trevor-Wilmot School offers:

  1. Half-day 4-year-old kindergarten program that is held five days a week for all district residents
  2. Full day 5-year-old kindergarten program for all district residents
  3. Teachers who are certified in teaching early elementary children
  4. 80% of teachers have a Master's degree and six are certified reading teachers/specialists bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge that ensures each student reaches their fullest potential
  5. Comprehensive educational program that includes instruction in literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, technology and physical education
  6. Technology rich classrooms that use computers, iPads, Smart Boards, and other tools to enhance student learning
  7. Brand new state of the art primary classrooms and building designed to meet the needs of our early elementary learners
  8. Brand new band, music, and art rooms for Encore classes
  9. Air conditioning in every classroom
  10. Small class sizes ensure students receive the individual attention that they need
  11. Scheduled daily intervention and enrichment periods

And this is just the beginning!